How to buy a wig online ?

Buying a wig can be one of the challenging things to do especially online where you can not see and feel the wig itself ,the measurements and other wig terms are a bit confusing if you are not familiar with it.

lace front wig

First thing is make sure that you are buying from a legit company, preferably a company that someone you know recommended, secondly check their website, youtube channel, instagram and facebook.That way you would know it works on a global scale or local scale. The more global it is, the better. Make sure you check any reviews on any of their advertising platforms, if there are many bad reviews, it might be wiser to re consider buying from that company, because you do not want any regrets. When buying on the website, first thing to do is talking to your seller about the type of wig you want on the chatting box which is on the homepage of the company’s website. It is advisable that before you talk to the seller you check everything on their website, From the wig pictures to the blog and reviews, sometimes the pictures on the website can be deceiving since most websites use pictures of influencers and celebrities. So if you have doubts and do not want to take the risk, you can ask the seller to send you the actual pictures. Don‘t be hesitate to ask about anything that you are not aware of. Do not be lazy to read through the blogs, they really help to know more about wigs. Also the reviews are very important as i have mentioned before, they will save you from getting scammed.

After you have made sure of what you want, put it in your cart. Double check your cart to make sure you got the accurate wig, the wig length, color and parting. Then go on to check your address.Make sure it is the correct one,you do not want your stuff getting lost. You can also talk to your seller about the kind of delivery that you want, preferably a trustworthy company that delivers in time, that would not lose your wig and that will bring your package in good condition . If possibly choose a more faster delivery, the faster it is, the lower the chances of getting lost or damaged along the way.

Also, before you even put the wig you want in the cart check out their payment methods, as the more global the wig company, the more it has different payment ways. When you are ready to pay, use the payment method that would not give you hassles. For those customers that are outside America, make sure you change your money to US dollars, because many if not all the companies only accept their country‘s currency and US dollars. After payment double check with your seller whether they received the payment.You should receive a confirmation message that you have paid. Confirm the date when your package is being sent so that you know when to expect it.

After you receive the wig,check if it’s the same as the one you ordered. If it’s not, if you feel scammed, then as soon as possible return it back. 

Buying a wig online can be the most exhausting activity but fortunately you have us, we have stated the most important steps you can note to avoid too much headache.

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