Arison hair offers 100% real human hair which is strong, not easy to break and tangle free.

Even though the hair is of high quality it also needs a bit of extra care so that it would be in good shape for the longest time. I will give you some few tips on how to care for your hair sighting out some Do and Don't



  1. Always handle your wig gently (no skrr skrr wig handling please).
  2. Brush your wig with a wig brush before washing it.
  3. You can curl, bleach, pluck & straighten it (optional.
  4. Wash you wig once or twice a week (depending on how regular you wear it).
  5. You can dye or restyle it (optional).
  6. Use special shampoo and wig conditioner (products meant for human hair wigs).
  7. Keep your wig safe and covered.
  8. make sure you purchase your hair from us.



  1. Use any kind of spray on your wig.
  2. Use too much heat when styling it (unless you use a heat protector spray.
  3. Shower or sleep with it regularly (use a satin bonnet if consider sleeping with it ).
  4. bleach or lighten frequently.

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