The 5 Most Popular Wig Styles From Bob Wigs

The biggest advantage of BOB wigs may be that it is very fashionable, but it is suitable for almost everyone. But its biggest selling point is its omnipotence. It can be gentle for long hair without frequent care, or it can be short hair, sexy and avant-garde without cutting too long hair. The following editor will show you some improved BOB heads.

1. Curly Bob Wigs

All you have to do to achieve the above hairstyle is to choose the right length for your face shape. The details are where you want to divide your head and what kind of visual impact you want. If you want to be different, then do everything you want!

A long face shape may be more suitable for fluffy curly hair, because it will not add extra length to your face shape. The round face shape should be smoother, because they will cause the illusion of lengthening and shrinking the face.

2.Colored Bob Wigs

In order to get a better hairstyle, please ask your hair stylist to design a colored bob wigs that reaches the length of your neck and has more layers on the top of your head. This will immediately make your hair look more three-dimensional.

When you think you want to end your current haircut and cut a BOB head, if your hair is very curly then please proceed carefully, unless you know what you want.

3.Straight bob wig

Tight curls can create a very explosive BOB hairstyle, they can be easily created with curling irons and electric heating rods.

Straight hair is always a popular classic, but longer bangs with rich bangs are indeed popular now. When you blow your hair with a hair dryer, use a medium-sized round brush to make the roots fluffy, and then use hair spray to set the hair ends.

4.Loose Wave Bob Wig

The hair bundles are beautiful in volume, and the randomly messed up curls have been hot for quite some time. If you dare, you can make your hair neat or messy.

Use a curling iron to separate the hair into different layers and let the curls cool down. Fluff up your hair before using curling products.

5.Deep Wave Bob Wigs

Invest in high-quality styling tools and some basic products to maximize the potential of your design. Perm will make your BOB cast dull and lifeless, so use perm protection spray to keep your hair shiny.

Update your current hairstyle with bold exploding heads and fragmentary layers to modernize your hair.

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