5 Easy Ways to Store Your Wigs

How to Store a Wig

Women wear wigs for many different reasons. Sometimes you want to change the way you look, and other times instead of cutting your hair, you can get a different hairdo by putting on a wig. Wigs come in all kinds of styles and at a wide range of prices. You can get real hair wigs in a variety of colors, densities, textures, and lengths. After purchasing a wig, you want to make sure you can wear it for a long time so in-between you have to store your wig correctly. You have to store wigs because they cannot remain exposed to air, dust, and sunlight. When appropriately stored, you increase the longevity of the wigs and keep their original look. 

Storing Tips

If you have more than one wig, you should organize wigs according to color and how often you use them to have easy access. You should always store false hair properly so that it won’t get messed up. By keeping wigs stored correctly, you’re guaranteed that they’ll last you a long time. Always keep the original packaging the false hair came in or invest in some wig heads. Always make sure when you store a wig that you do not leave it where something might be put on top of it. Purchase the right items you need for wig storage, so you have them on hand. Label each wig according to length, color, and style for easy access. 

Wash the Wig Before Storing

Treat your wigs like you would treat your natural hair. Do you have the experience of not washing your hair for a week or more? They’ll turn kinky and stubborn - collecting all the dust from the environment.  

So, it is essential to wash your wig before putting it away. Washing them is a skillful art. This will determine how long your wig will live with the original quality and luster. 

However, after washing it, don’t forget to dry it thoroughly. Storing a damp wig is worse. It will become the breeding site for molds. Moreover, it will also attract more dust and chemicals. 

The next step after drying is to detangle the wig - simply comb it. Some suggest performing this step before washing the wig. So, it depends on how you would like to do it. 

Some hair salon experts recommend wigs must be washed every 6 to 8 times you wear. That is about once a week. And they also suggest spraying a wig conditioner that keeps the fibers strong for a long duration.

Store Your Wig Out of Direct Sunlight

No matter where you choose to store your wigs, make sure they are stored out of direct sunlight and not in hot areas. Sunlight will dull the color of the false hair and can break down hair fibers. Always store them in a cool, dry area, or else they can start to fall apart. Never store your wigs near a heat source. 

Ready for Storage with Hairnets

Hairnets are old-fashioned things that women used to cover their hair with to keep it in place. You should purchase hair nets before storing your wigs to keep them in good quality and style. You can place wigs on wig stands or mannequin heads and carefully put a hairnet over them. This will keep their natural setting and will also keep them from gathering too many dust particles. You can also use hairnets to cover your wigs after folding them for travel. 

Short-term Storage

If you rotate your wigs and use them daily, then you should consider an excellent short-term option. One of the better ways is to use the original packaging of false hair. However, if you need quick access each day to your wigs, you might consider placing them in wig boxes designed primarily to make sure the hairpieces keep their shape. Using these boxes, you can label then according to the style of the wig, color, and long or short length. Then each day, take your pick, remove the wig, and you’re ready to put it on. 

Store Your Wigs with Wig Hangers

Wig hangers are easy to use to store a wig. If you don’t have shelf room for a mannequin head or a wig stand, you can use a wig hanger. They have a cap-like base to place your false hair on and a long hook so you can hang it in your closet. Make sure to find a space that won’t crush the wig with clothes that are hanging in your closet. If using a wig hanger, it is best to find an area in the back of your closet where there is more room. 

Make Use of Your Closet Space

If you have the room in your closet, you can store your wigs there. Keeping them in the closet on a shelf keeps them away from the reach of children and pets. You can store wigs in their original packaging, carefully folding them in a plastic container, or placing them in a box and put them on the closet shelf. You might consider using a separate storage container for each wig and labeling them according to style and color for easy access. If there is not enough space on your shelves you can use wig hangers but make sure to hang the wigs toward the back of the closet so they won’t get crushed among the clothing

Use a Mannequin Head or Wig Stand

If you have a space to keep your wigs, you can purchase mannequin heads or wig stands. These will help you to keep your false hair in its proper style and structure. Mannequin heads and wig stands can be purchased online or at a beauty supply store. A Styrofoam wig head will keep your hairpiece looking new and maintain its shape. These are lightweight, and you can place them anywhere. They are particularly great for when you remove your wig at night, and you can put it on the wig stand, so it is ready to use the next day. Mannequin heads and wig stands do not require much space. If you find there is no room on the shelves of your closet, you can purchase shelving that can be attached to the wall for extra space to accommodate your wigs. 

Shoe-Rack Storage

You might find it hard to believe, but those shoe racks you hang on the inside of your closet door are great for keeping your wigs in. Just gently and adequately fold the wig and place it into the pocket. You can label the pockets according to which hairpieces you are putting in them. They will keep you wigs safe and ready to use. The wigs won’t get crushed, and they won’t get dusty. 

Traveling With Your Wig

If you’re going to be traveling and you’re taking your wig with you, pack it properly. You can place it in a small, sturdy box that won’t get crushed during the trip. You can first put it in a large Ziploc bag to keep it clean. If you often travel with your wigs, you can purchase a foldable wig stand, so when you get to your destination, you can put up the stand and place the hairpiece on it right on the dresser at the hotel. 

Overnight Store

If you have a habit of switching wigs every day, it is best to store them in the original box. The box it came in is specially designed to maintain the shape of the wig. You can stack them and store them in your bedroom closet. The original boxes will not crush the wigs and, at the same time, save some space in your closet. 

However, if you’ve discarded or lost the original box already - it’s perfectly okay. You can invest in a good quality sealable plastic bag and a hairnet. Here, hairnet is very important to keep the wig in style. While you purchase hairnet, ensure that the size fits your wig. 

If you have a short-hair wig, follow these steps:

  • Place a tissue inside to maintain its style
  • Fold it from one side of the ear to the other side (do this only if there is a partition in the center of the wig)
  • Cover the folded wig gently with a hairnet. 
  • Slide it in the plastic bag and seal it. 

If you have a long-hair wig, you need to hold the tail, slightly twist it, and curve it inwards. Later, follow the same steps as given for short-hair wigs. 

Long-term Storage

If you’re going to organize wigs to put them away for a longer time, then you should clean and detangle your wig before storing it. Fold the hairpiece up in half from ear to ear and put it back in its original package or a custom wig box, Then place it where the wigs won’t be disturbed until you want to wear them again. Putting wigs away for a longer time, it is always a good idea to find space for them that you don’t often use so that they won’t get disturbed and won’t take up any room with the items you use regularly.

Organize Wigs By Style, Length, and Shade

When putting away your wigs, you should organize and store the wigs by style, such as straight, long, or some specific hairstyle or by the name of the hairpiece. Place them in the proper packaging or containers or on wig stands and add labels, so when you are ready to wear a wig again, you can find it in your storage space and find which wig you want. It is advisable to keep you wigs grouped according to long or short style and according to the hair colors. If you have hairpieces that are seasonal group those according to the seasons, this will make it easy for you to find just the right wig at the right time.

Wigs cost money, and for women, they are a significant investment.

Businesswomen particularly love wearing wigs because they don’t have time to get you hairdos, but they always have to look good for clients. They also do the most traveling, and hairpieces are a convenient way to always look like your well-groomed. Busy homemakers or women who work from home can also benefit from wearing wigs. After a long day, if you are going out, there is no problem with looking good you can choose one of your wigs, and you’re ready to go.

Remember that hairpieces are only as good looking as the care you give them. So always wash your wigs before putting them away. Make sure to brush and fluff them back into the style they came in and put them where you can get easy access to them.

Always keep your wigs away from children and pets. Remember, the wig you buy is like an investment since it enhances your looks.

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