Wig Store Near Me - How to Find the Nearest Wig Shop

If you search online for wig store near me, you will find results ranging from online e-commerce stores, boutique, wig stores or salons. The information is displayed in different ways which makes things more complex. 

You will see:

  • Google listings of different wig shops near you 
  • Ecommerce product page links of brand websites like Walmart.com, Wigs.com
  • Local Business Directory like Yelp
  • Social media results from Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

It is not easy to find what you are looking for - A GOOD WIG SHOP NEAR YOU! 

To help you with this we created a Wig Store Near Me Locator. Using this locator you can search and identify a wig store near your location with ease and also find directions to the store.   

How Does Wig Store Near Me Locator Work?

The Wig Store Near Me Locator is easy to use and allows users to locate wig stores near them just by entering their location. You can use the locator to find information like address, contact number and customer ratings of a wig store nearby. It is also possible to get navigational directions to the store.

The information is displayed on Google Maps which lets you understand where exactly is the wig store. The best part about the Wig Shop Locator is that it is free to use. 

Whether you are looking for a wig store in your city or traveling to another city, the Wig Shop Locator will let you comfortably find the nearest wig store.

Here is how you can use Wig Shop Locator 

1.Enter Your Location

In the search box just above the Map displayed on the page, enter your City or ZIP code. Once you enter the location, our wig shop locator will scan the database to display wig stores near your location.

2. Click on the Marker

All the wig stores in your location will be displayed with a marker. You can Zoom in on the map to see the location of different wig stores. Click on the marker to view detailed information about a specific wig store. By clicking you can see information like exact address, contact number, opening hours and customer reviews of a wig store.

3. Get Directions

If you find a particular wig store interesting and worth visiting, you can get directions to the shop. Click on the Get Directions button and navigation instructions open on your Google Maps App or browser. The map will show information like distance, travel time and turns you need to take to reach the shop. 

Note: You should have your browser permissions turned on and location services enabled for the locator to work. 

What Wig Store Near Me Locator Can Do for You?

The Wig Shop Near Me Locator can help you find all the wig shops in your area. 

Locate the Nearest Wig Shop

The wig shops are displayed over a wide radius based on the ZIP or city selected. Our Wig Store Locator will graphically display the wig shops in your area using a marker. You can look at the markers to find which wig store is closest and further away from your location..

Find a Wig Store while Travelling

Have a vacation with your girls or a destination wedding to attend but missed getting the wig of your choice? There is no need to panic as you can use our Wig Store Near Me Locator to find the nearest wig store. Just enter the city name or zip code where you are currently at into our locator and get information of nearest wig stores. 

Save Money and Resources

Once you get the turn-by-turn navigation instructions of the nearest wig shop, you can walk, take a cab or drive to the wig shop. You don’t have to go around asking people or friends to locate the wig shop. This will save you a lot of time and gas in locating the shop. 

Know the Shop Timings

It can be disappointing to reach a wig shop and find it closed. You can use our wig shop locator to know their open hours or the collection they have. This will save you from the frustrating task of visiting the wig store twice. You can just look at their timings or call on the store’s number. If you had the question which wig store near me open now, then our locator will answer that for you. 

What is a Wig Store?

wig store

A wig store is a specialized beauty shop that sells wigs and related hair care products. The wig shop can sell human hair wigs or/and synthetic hair wigs. Human hair wigs are higher quality wigs that give a more natural and fuller look than synthetic wigs.

You can find wig collections like Straight Wigs, Curly Wigs, Water Wave Wigs and Loose Wave Wigs at these shops. These are some popular types of wigs that are available but you can also find more collections. 

Most wig shops also sell hair extensions, hair bundleslace frontal and closures, glues, combs and other accessories that help in the hair installation process. For installing a wig you may need products like bleaching powder, paintbrush and gloves, especially if you want to bleach wig knots. Bleaching helps to give a more natural look to the wig. Hair color, hair oil, shampoo and styling cream are other products that some wig stores may sell.

Many wig shops might also have an attached salon. If you want to get the wig installed or already have a wig but do not know how to install the wig, you can head to the salon to have the wig installed.

While our Wig Shop Near Me Locator will help you find the nearest wig shop, it might not be always feasible to head to a wig shop. Your busy schedule and the distance of the wig shop from your location can be a big deterrent.

You can simply solve this problem by shopping from an online wig store.

What is an Online Wig store?

An online wig store is a virtual online shop from where you can shop from wig collections and related hair care products mentioned above. Online Wig Stores tend to be cheaper, offer a wider variety of wig color, style and textures than those available at physical wig stores.

The best part about shopping from an online wig store is that you do not have to step out of your home. You can view the wigs on the online store and purchase a wig from any corner around the world. This makes shopping easy and convenient.

Benefits of buying from a Wig Shop Near You?

Shopping from a wig shop near your location or shopping online does not have much difference. Both will help you find a wig of your choice but here are a few advantages that shopping from a store near you has:

Get to See and try the Wig

One major benefit of shopping at a wig shop is that you can get to see the wig from your eyes. This can be helpful if you do not have an idea about the different wig design. Wigs are available in Lace Front, Full Lace, HD Lace and 360 Lace Wigs. Online shops just have images which can make it difficult to understand the color, style and texture of the wig. However, nowadays online wig stores upload HD quality images with detailed product descriptions. This can help you know the specific details about a wig and make a purchase.

When there is an Emergency

There might be times when you might need a wig immediately. In this case, the only option will be to head to a wig shop near you. You can look at their collection and buy the wig that you want. While this may solve your problem, you may be left with the choice to select from limited wig collection available at the store.

Benefits of shopping from an Online Wig Store?

Buying a wig online has several advantages. You do not have to head out anywhere to look at the wigs. You can view images and read product descriptions of the wigs listed on an online shop. They mention everything ranging from the type of lace, texture, color and care instructions about the wigs. 

If you want you could also send the link to a friend. They can help you decide on a wig style by looking at the images. Buying online is also cheaper and convenient, and more people are realizing the advantages of buying online. 

Here are top 7 reasons to buying from an online wig store:

1. Wider Collection

A wig store near you should only have a limited collection of wigs. They may keep those wig styles that are in high demand and not stock all the varieties. What this means is that you may not get a style that you want or that will look the best on you. Online wig stores have a large collection of wigs that are available in different colors, patterns and laces. You can have a look at all of them to decide which one is best for you.

2. Shop Anytime

You may have wanted to try a wig but your busy schedule is not permitting you to take out time and head to a wig shop. Unlike physical stores that are open for limited hours, online wig shops run 24x7 hours for 365 days a year. This means you can shop anytime and from anywhere. Just take out your phone or desktop and log on to an online wig store. Select your wig and place your order. 

Better Prices

If you compare the prices of an online wig store with the prices at a physical store, you will find that online stores are cheaper. This is not because online stores sell low-quality wigs. In fact, some online stores offer high-quality 100% human hair wigs at a far better price than physical wig shops. The reason is that online wig shops have low operating costs as they do not have to pay overheads like rent, staff salary and electricity. They pass these cost-savings directly to their customers by offering wigs at lower prices.

Smart Shopping

If you have shopped on Amazon, you would have seen the option to filter results by price range, product category, latest arrivals and top-selling products. Selecting these filters lets you narrow down the product that you are looking for. Some online wig stores also have similar categories that allow you to filter wigs based on price, color, style or texture. 

For example, if you want to shop for wigs by color, you can shop for Black Wigs, Blonde Wigs or Colored Wigs. Using filters or going to collection pages of the online wig shop allows you to shop faster and smarter.

5. Worldwide Shipping

Your local wig shops may not have the wig that you want. The next nearest wig shop may also be miles away. This can make it difficult for you to find a wig of your choice. Online wig stores ship their products to most countries in the world. This helps you to buy a wig by sitting in any country in the world. You can get the latest wig collections from any part of the world.

You can also view details like shipping costs, delivery date and tracking information to keep track of your purchase. 

6. Buy Wholesale

If you run a salon or plan to start a wig business, then you can benefit from shopping at an online wig store. Online wig stores offer wigs at wholesale prices for those who purchase in bulk. You can buy wigs wholesale from them and start your entrepreneurial journey. 

Most online wig stores like Arison Hair also have low MOQ requirements and fast shipping options. This further makes it convenient for you to shop online. It may also be possible to place a request for customization of wigs.

7. Customer Support

Wig shops may not be able to give you good customer support. They may be limited by staff and resources to answer your queries. On the other hand, online wig shops are opearted by big companies that focus on customer values. If you have any questions, you could just mail it to them and they will look into them.


Buying online saves you the pain of traveling from one wig shop to another to look for a wig of your choice. In a busy schedule, this could be exhausting and time consuming. It will feel worse if after visiting multiple wig shops, you may still not find the wig you are looking for.

Online wig shops allow you to shop right now. You can just log on to an online wig shop and view their collection. Decide which wig will look best on you and place your order.  You can also customize a wig if you find the right wig supplier.

So why wait to get the wig of your choice, shop right now!

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