Arison Lace Front Wig Reviews and Beginner-friendly Install Tutorial by Yellow Jade

If you've started exploring, then you must have seen some amazing Human Hair Wigs. Being new to the website may have held you back from making your first buy. You may have watched YouTube videos, features, and customer ratings on lace wig reviews to get an idea about our products. We understand the concern you have, owing to the expensive nature of Human Hair Lace Wigs. You have to be convinced about the quality before buying any product.

ArisonWigs has an incredible range of premium quality wigs that are made from Swiss Lace and 100% Human Hair.

This blog post is a series of lace wig reviews that will help you understand the quality of Human Hair Wigs we offer to our clients.

Here is what Jade had to say about ArisonWigs products in this beginner-friendly tutorial and review she did for us. You can have a look at all her videos here.


This is a beginner-friendly tutorial in which Jade talks about Pre-plucked Lace Front Wigs from ArisonWigs. The tutorial explains how you can easily bleach the knots to match it with your scalp. But that is not it, she has more to stay -

Learn how to wear the wig

In this lace wig reviews, She will give you a step by step guide on how to wear a wig, right from wearing the cap to styling the intimate pre-styled baby hairs on the wig. I have tried to make the best beginner-friendly tutorial for newbies.We have another step by step guide that created by us, you can review it here.

Watch Jade tell how you can bleach the knots

Bleaching the hair knots is perceived as an impossible task to accomplish at home. I will tell you how you can easily perform this right at your home.

Give your hair a better look

I love to use beauty care products to style my hair. Here in this lace wig reviews, I will share some of the products that I use to make the wig look more natural.


1) Amazing Pre-styled Baby Hairlines

The baby hairline on this unit makes it look so natural. You do not have to spend endless hours plucking the baby hair. It comes with pre-styled baby hair. All you need to do is customize and cut it to your preferred style.

2) No Tangling

Like most of Arison Hair's lace front wigs, this too is made from 100% Remy Human Hair. This gives a beautiful look and ensures you do not have to be bothered about tangling. I have worn it for hours and let me tell you, I am so delighted!

3) Swiss Lace Front and 4 Combs

I love the premium grade of swiss lace they have used in this wig. I have done several lace wig reviews but when I had this on my hand, it just felt amazing. Also, 4 combs let me easily set the wig on my head.

4) 120% Density

When you invest so much money into Natural Human Hair, you should get a hair density that gives a natural and full look. After putting on this wig, it is difficult for even me to make out whether I am wearing a wig or it is my natural hair!

5) Large Parting Space

This lace wig comes with a wide parting space of 6". This lets you part and style the hair in a convenient position. For me, this is the most incredible part of the lace front wig of Arison Wig.


For those of you who are not aware, bleaching the knots make them lighter. This makes the hair look like growing naturally from your scalp. Here is a beginner-friendly tutorial on how to bleach the knots.

Things You Would Need

  • Mixing Bowl
  • Brush
  • Bleaching Powder
  • Developer
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Diffuser

Step 1 - Mix the Bleaching Powder and Developer

You can use any known brand of bleaching powder. I used Color Brilliance's Powder Lightener which has Coconut Oil and conditioning properties. Make a semi-heavy paste with the lightener and developer. Ensure that you do not make it too runny as it may seep into the hair as well.

Step 2 - Apply the Mixture on the Knots

Place the wig on a Mannequin Head and spread it evenly. Use the comb to apply the mixture gently on the knots. Do not put too much pressure as it may cause the mixture to seep through the knots.

Watch out for the lace. You do not need to rush, just take your time to ensure that you apply the mixture only on the knots. If the mixture gets applied on the lace, it will alter the color of the lace.

Step 3 - Let it sit and Dry

Let the mixture settle for approximately 10 minutes. I had put a foil sheet over it to prevent the mixture from washing out.

Step 4 - Wash and Condition the Hair

You can use any shampoo to wash and condition the hair, just like you condition your hair. I used Keratin Oil and Shampoo and trust me, it made the hair smell so good! I recommend all of you to try this out.

Step 5 - Final Touches

Settle the hair down with your comb. Then use a curly pudding to make the curls more lively. I used the one that I already had, you can buy a better one if you wish to. Later on, apply a foaming lotion on the wet hair to give it a silky and smooth style. It will even out all the hair strands to make the hair look natural.

Step 6 - Dry the hair

I recommend using a Hair Diffuser instead of a hairdryer. It is softer on the hair and does not disturb the curls of my wig. The diffuser keeps the curly and bouncy look of the hair intact.

But there is one thing.....I can't tell you how much I am in love with these scintillating curls from ArisonHair.


Our wigs are very easy to apply. Below Jade will explain how she puts on the wig. Here is a sweet and simple beginner-friendly tutorial from Jade on how to wear a wig -

Step 1 - Put on the Wig Cap

For this one, I decided to keep it simple. Take the wig cap and gently stretch it on your hair. Hide all the hairline under the cap to get the best out of your wig. I applied a little makeup on the front section of the wig cap. This made the cap match perfectly with my skin color.

Step 2 - Settle the Wig on your head

I took the Lace Wig from Arison Hair and placed it on my head. Looking at the mirror, I slid it up and down to adjust the wig in a position I wanted it glued. You should carefully adjust the combs to ensure that the wig does not slip.

Step 3 - Fixing the lace wig

Well, before you begin I have an important piece of advice. Do not apply the glue with your make-up on! Use a 100% rubbing alcohol to wipe the makeup on your head. Apply a thin layer of the gel around your hairline and dry it slightly with a hairdryer.

Use your hands to softly press the front edges of the lace against the head. This will tightly secure the wig. Blow the hairdryer to dry the adhesive. Next, cut the extra lace using a scissors or razor. Make sure to remove the extra lace close to the ears as well.

Step 4 - Adjust the Baby Hair

This wig has awesome pre-style baby hairlines, making it easy to customize. I just had to section them out and style it to my preference. I cut them down to give a natural look and used a little glue gel to set them. After that, I applied a cloth on the area to make sure it is perfectly settled.

Step 5 - Styling the Wig

The lace front wig has a wide parting space and I chose to part it slightly on the right side. I also flattened it a little to make it look more natural. You can also apply a little make-up on the parting space, just like I did!

I sprayed the curls with water to enhance the texture and look of the hair. Being obsessed about hairstyling, I always like to go a step further, So I also used a hair gloss to give an effulgent shine to the wig.



There is hardly any occasion where you can't wear this. Jade says, "I would love to wear it at parties as it gives a bouncy and evocative look. The baby hairs are perfect and let my hair look natural. You can wear it to weddings, vacation or for even casual everyday wear. The hair has a density of 120% which gives you the necessary breathability, letting you go on for long hours without discomfort."