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4 products

360 lace wig is an ideal choice if you want to adorn a ponytail or updo hairstyles. 360 wigs can help you achieve this without having to shell out a lot of money. The unique lace design also provides better breathability to your scalp.


360 lace wigs human hair are great options for crafting the perfect hairline. The 360 wigs gives a super natural-looking appearance which is virtually undetectable, it is also liberating and entirely customizable. They have an all-around lace design that provides more parting space and hairstyle options than lace fronts. This makes these wigs more versatile and comfortable when compared to lace front wigs.

What are 360 Lace Front Wigs?

360 lace wigs have the lace running around in a circle through the entire perimeter of the wig. The lace frontal goes around from one ear to the other and to the back. Human hair is knotted to holes of the lace part by hand giving it a realistic look. The inner portion of the wig base comprises a high stretched machine-made material that is weft to the lace. Because of this design, 360 lace wigs are cheaper than full lace wigs.

360 lace wigs offer more versatility and comfort than lace front wigs. You can pull them up in a ponytail or style them in updos. All this without having to worry about the lace getting exposed. Our 360 wigs also come with an adjustable wig cap that allows you to securely install them on your head. 

Why You Should Choose 360 Lace Wigs Human Hair?

If you want more hairstyle options than what lace front wigs can offer, then 360 lace wigs are what you need. The 360 circle lace allows you to experiment with different hairstyles as it has the lace running around the whole perimeter of the wig cap. You can style the hair in a ponytail or part the hair from anywhere around the lace without exposing the lace. This makes our human hair 360 wigs more adaptable and also makes the hair look natural.

360 lace wigs are also more breathable as the wider lace area helps to give more comfort to your scalp. Offer you a youthful, practical, fashionable, and diverse look.

Which is better - lace front wigs, 360 lace wigs or full lace wigs?

This essentially depends on the hairstyles you want and the budget you have. 

Lace front wigs are the cheapest because they use less lace material. They are great for beginners. They have lace only in the front part making them easy to install. However, with lace frontal wigs you have limited options to style the hair. You cannot do a ponytail or updos as it will expose your wig cap.

360 lace wigs are better than lace front wigs because they have the lace running in a complete circle around the wig cap. This allows you to style the hair in ponytails and updos because the lace is undetectable. They are also cheaper than full lace wigs. 

Full lace wigs are expensive as they are 100% hand-tied to lace material. They offer maximum style options as you can do the hair in any style. Installing full lace wigs can also take a lot of time and may require you to visit a salon.