Hair bundles take hairstyling to the next level. Offering maximum versatility and comfort, hair bundles let you set the hair in your personalized style to get a uber cool look. The ear-to-ear construct of human hair extensions makes them look like 100% natural hair. We have hair bundles in many colors and textures. This makes styling and wearing a hair extension a lot more fun and interesting!

What is the Best Hair Bundle?

Virgin hair is the best and most rewarding type of hair bundle. They are natural and unprocessed, making them easy to style and color. Virgin texture hair extensions can be made from Brazilian, Indian, or Malaysian hair, all of which are equally good. Virgin texture is the highest quality of human hair extensions available in the market and also the most expensive. The next best choice is Remy human hair.

At Arison Hair, all our human hair bundles come in 100% Virgin or Remy grade hair texture. You can style and color the hair extensions without having to worry about anyone guessing that you are wearing a wig!

Hair Bundle Materials

There are two types of materials that are used to create hair bundles -

Human Hair

Human hair bundles are of the highest quality and last long. You can wash the hair, apply conditioner, color, or dry human hair without any restrictions. Human hair bundles look the most natural and amazing!

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair bundles are manufactured from chemically processed fibers. This makes them affordable but inferior when compared to human hair. They are harder and can produce irritation on your scalp and skin. This is why we do not recommend our customers to wear synthetic hair wigs or bundles.

At Arison Hair, we use only human hair of 100% Virgin and Remy texture to make all our wigs and hair bundles.

Why you should use human hair bundles

Human hair bundles are a great way to accessorize and to complement your natural hair with a hand-sewn weave. Use as much or as little as you want to obtain the fullest and most natural look. 

All our hair bundles are 100% Remy and Virgin human hair, and full-bodied so you are guaranteed a lush, fashionable look. Once it's in place, you're ready to go! They are highly practical as well and are an ideal way to protect your natural hair from the wear and tear it typically encounters on a day-to-day basis. If you are looking to experiment with your hair, then we've got the solution for you right here!

How to Use Hair Bundles?

To use the hair bundle you will need a weave cap, hair bundles, and a wig block. If you have a large hair bundle, you can separate them into smaller sections. This will provide more versatility.

Instructions to install a hair bundle:

Step 1: 

Place the weave cap on a wig block.

Step 2: 

Place your hair bundles on the weave cap and carefully apply a fine layer of glue on the edges.

Step 3:

Attach the hair extensions from left to right on the wig cap base. Trim excess hair that may remain on the edges. Keep layering the hair next to each other and move further up. Avoid leaving gaps in between the layers.

Step 4:

Continue doing this till you get the volume you desire. Leave a circle at the top to add a lace closure to the installation.

Step 5:

Apply a second layer of thin glue to secure the hair extensions. This will tighten the bond between the hair and weave cap.

How Many Bundles Do You Need to Make a Wig?

Generally, it takes 2-3 bundles of human hair to make a wig. The hair texture you want, length of hair, and size of your head are some factors that will determine how many bundles you need. For a hair length between 8 and 18 inches, you may need only 2 bundles but for a longer length, you will need 3 bundles. If you want your hairstyle to have greater volume and hair, then also you will need more hair bundles. 

How Long Does Hair Bundles Last?

Depending upon the types of extensions and techniques used to install the human hair extensions, they can typically last between a few weeks to 8 months. Temporary hair bundles can last for 6 or 8 weeks while permanent hair bundles can last up to 8 months. It is important to properly care for the hair to make them last longer.

We offer 100% human hair bundles in the most popular textures, colors, and lengths.

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