Lace closures bring in more versatility to styling your hair. You can use the closure to complete the look of your human hair weave. Our lace closures are the most comfortable as they have been made from premium hair and ace material. Getting the hairstyle you desire was never so easy!

What is Lace Closure?

Lace closures are hairpieces that are hand-tied to a lace. Closures generally have a 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 inch Swiss lace material as their base. They help in giving a natural look to the hair bundles that are weaved on natural hair. The lace closure is placed at the top of the head to complete the look or offer a particular parting style. They come in three style options - middle-part, three-part, and free part.

Lace Closure Types

Much like the wigs, lace closures also come in different types. They can vary based on size, lace material or parting style they offer.

Lace closure sizes

The general size of a lace closure is 4x4 inches. The lace is a square shape and all the hair is hand-tied to it. A 4x4 lace closure will let you part the hair for up to 4 inches while 5x5 and 6x6 will give you a deeper parting space. The longer the parting the better will be the realistic look of the lace closure.

HD Lace closure

An HD lace closure is made from a high-definition lace material that is very thin and rich. They are finer and have the most see-through texture. The hair or scalp underneath perfectly sinks with the texture of HD lace closures.

Silk Lace Closure

Silk lace closures have a base that is constructed from a thicker silk-like fabric. This provides greater durability to silk closures over other types of lace closures. The knots and gridlines are completely invisible making the lace look like your scalp. Since the fabric is thicker, silk lace closures are also a little complex to install.

Lace Closure Parting Styles

Lace closures come in 3 parting styles:

Middle part lace closures - These come with a middle part and can only be styled in the middle area. You cannot change the parting to a side part or something else.

Three-part lace closures - Three-part lace closures are more liberal than middle parts. You can part them from the middle or either of the sides.

Free part lace closures - A free part lace closure can be styled in any way you want. The hair is hand-tied in such a way that it allows you to set the hair in all sorts of parting style. They offer the most versatility and best styling options.

Why you should use lace closure?

Lace Closures are a great way to make your hair extensions appear more natural. With lace closure, you can freely part the hair without damaging your natural hair. Hair extensions are generally glued or sewn which makes it difficult to customize them once they are set. A lace closure takes care of this by giving you the flexibility you need.

How to use Lace Closures?

Lace closures are used to get personalized hairstyles. You can use hair bundles to create your favorite hairstyle and pair it with a lace closure of the matching texture. This way you can get a customized hairstyle without doing anything to your natural hair. Your natural hair will stay protected and safe under the wig cap, yet you will get the hairstyle of your choice!

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