Lace frontals are lately turning out to be a fascinating thing for women in the hair fashion industry. The versatility and easy installation features of lace frontal wigs are what is making them popular. Styling hair in a sensational and natural way is now seamlessly possible with our human hair lace frontals. You can shop from an alluring collection of lace frontals available in trendy hair textures.

What is a Lace Frontal?

Lace frontals are a half wig that is sewn with 3-4 bundles of hair and goes across from ear to ear. They are designed to mimic your natural hairline at the ear-to-ear section. Lace frontals generally measure 4 inches back and 13 inches across and are used to complete the look by closing the hair extensions from the edges. They offer greater flexibility as you can freely use the lace frontals to get the desired hairstyle.

Lace Frontal Types

There can be several types of lace frontals based on the size, hair types, and lace material.

Lace Frontal Sizes

The most commonly available lace frontals come with 13x4 and 13x6 inch Swiss lace.

HD Lace Frontals and Silk Lace Frontals

An HD lace frontal has the lace crafted from a very thin and transparent, high-definition Swiss lace material. The transparent lace texture extends a completely natural hair look to HD lace frontals. Silk lace frontals are another type that has the base constructed from a thicker and silk-like material which makes the hair knots completely invisible.

360 Lace Frontals

360 lace frontals have lace covering the entire hairline around the head. They are best for women who have less hair around the head.

Lace Frontal Textures

Much like human hair wigs, lace frontals also come in all sorts of human hair textures. We offer human hair lace frontals in natural straight, body wave, water wave, and many other popular hair textures.

Why you should use a lace frontal

Easy to Install

Lace frontals are very easy and take less time to install. Since lace frontals replicate the hairline from ear to ear, they can be comfortably glued or sew to your existing installation. Typically it takes around 1 hour to install a lace frontal. 

Better Styling Options

With lace frontals, you can style the hair in many ways. You can use lace frontals to get a middle or side part from your wig/hair extensions. Lace frontals mimic your actual hairline, allowing you to style them in every way you want, even in hair bangs.

Gives More Breathability

Human hair lace frontals are incredibly comfortable to wear. They give your natural hair and scalp more breathability. Wearing them does not block the flow of hair to your hair and scalp.

How to Use Lace Frontals?

Lace frontals are used with hair bundles to complete the look. Lace frontals can be glued down to your hairline, sewn on an anchor braid, and then attached to your hair or secured to your natural hairline using a special wig tape. Some women also like wearing lace frontals without applying any glue. Depending upon your preferred style, you can use them the way you want. The longevity of the lace frontals will depend on how well you secure it, how much you perspire, and the climate in your location. Taking the right care will help your lace frontals to last long.

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