Loose wave wigs have tiger curls and a more shiny appearance. The uber style of our wigs is in line with the latest trends in the wig industry. We use a premium Swiss lace material that adds an unparalleled comfortable touch to them. You can select from multiple color options like black or blonde. Our human hair loose wigs are made from 100% Virgin and Remy hair. This gives them a realistic glaze and also allows you to dye the hair in a color of your choice.

What is Loose Wave?

These wigs have bigger curls and are looser. Human hair loose wave wigs have a deeper wavy and curly hair texture in comparison to body wave wigs. This produces a fluffier look and makes the hair appear natural. The curls are also slightly tighter. These wigs have got the luxury as they possess greater shine. They have a medium luster that unseemingly reflects light to provide a magnetic feel.

What is the difference between loose wave and body wave wigs?

The major difference is in the style of the curls. Body wave wigs have slacker curls in comparison to the tighter curls of loose wave wigs. Loose wave wigs have smaller curls, whereas body wave wigs appear in a predominantly S-shape. The loose wave wigs have the hair strains placed slightly apart which gives a more bouncy look over body wave wigs.

Why You Should Choose Loose Wave Wigs?

Many would say that there is not a major difference between loose wave and body wave. However, it is only the slightest variation in curls that can make you stand apart from the crowd. Loose wave wigs have a curlier and fluffier hair texture that can add a happier flair to your character. Our Loose Wave wigs have a bright and soft appearance that will give you all the funkiness and style. The high-quality Swiss lace lets the hair blend with your scalp and gives an impression that your hair is growing naturally.

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