Black Straight 13x6 HD Lace frontal Wigs | Sensation

$299 $349
$299 $349

Sensation wig is a 13 x 6 HD lace frontal wig for women who want to look beautiful and confident. It is made from Remy human hair and has a small ultra-thin lace panel sewn to the hairline region. The wig looks like it is a part of your natural hairline and its hair strands look like they are growing out of your head. To onlookers, it will appear like the wig is your hair.

With Sensation, you are guaranteed to turn heads and hold attention.

  • 100% Remy human hair - It does not include any blend or synthetic
  • It has a pre-plucked hairline
  • It does not shed and is tangle-free
  • The sheer nature of the Swiss lace panel makes it breathable
  • It offers versatility – it can be restyled, dyed, and permed


The Sensation is an exquisite black HD lace front wig that will appeal to lovers of natural-looking wigs.

It uses a 13” x 6” HD lace frontal which provides the most natural construction possible. Because this frontal is transparent, wearing it gives the effect that hair is growing from your scalp. Also, due to how natural it looks, it is very difficult for others to detect that you wear a wig when you have it on.

Turn yourself into a sultry, mysterious beauty with a sleek black wig that looks totally natural. This wig features an HD lace wig front, which is the most natural construction possible. The transparent front makes it look as though the hair is growing from your scalp. You’ll look like you were born with this gorgeous, glossy black hair.

Long, dark hair is a classic style that is timeless and always chic. You can look your best every day in this hairpiece.

Use this sleek black wig to create unforgettable costumes for Halloween parties, cosplay and other costume activities. You can turn this into a beautiful vampire, witch, Arwen or Cleopatra outfit. It’s a superior quality HD lace human hair wig that will elevate any outfit you wear it with. You can easily cut, trim and perm this hairpiece for total styling versatility.

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