Full Lace Bob Wigs

  • Full lace wig with Upgrade Swiss Lace for a versatile look
  • Bog length wig with Natural Black Color
  • Trendy and Popular Design
  • Easy and Comfortable to Wear
  • 130% and 150% hair density to provide natural fullness

Hair StyleShort Bob hair 
Hair Color1B Black
Materials100% Chinese hair
Hair TextureLoose curl
Cap SizeAverage
Cap ConstructionFull lace wig
Lace GradeSwiss lace

These Full Lace wigs with Bob Style are currently very much in trend and creating Cinderella stories for innumerable women. The wig has a natural black color that creates a flaunting impression that anyone would find hard to resist. Our superior designing process ensures to give this wig a dynamic and modern feel. The hair grows naturally from the scalp and falls in intricate curls to end just above the neck. This provides a charming looking hair that possesses perfect edges and waves that will let you adorn an elegant and impeccable hairstyle. The wig comes in two length options - 12 inches and 14 inches.

The wig has been made from 100% Natural Remy Grade Human Hair. You do not have to worry about itchiness and discomfort caused by artificial hair. With the breathability of natural hair, you can style yourself even when stepping out during the bright and sunny days. The natural density of the wig provides the exact thickness of human hair. The wig comes with a full lace wig cap that covers your entire head allowing you to customize the wig to adorn different hairstyles. It comes with Upgrade Swiss Lace that further enhances the realistic appeal of the wig. You can part the hair or shape it up in your way to match to absolutely sync the wig with your personality.


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