Natural Black Human Hair Lace Front Bob Wig | Journey

  • Natural Black Hair Color with Bob Wig design to give a quintessential look.
  • Made from soft and breathable Swiss lace material.
  • 100% human hair made from chemical-free processes 
  • Two Bob Wig length sizes to choose from -12" and 14".
  • 150% Medium to Heavy Density Wig for a fuller look.

Wig StyleBlunt Bob Wig
Wig ColorNatural Black
MaterialsNatural Human Hair
TextureStraight with Curly Ends
Cap SizeAverage
Cap ConstructionLace Front Wig
Lace Size13*6 inches
Lace ColorMedium Brown

Natural Black Human Hair Lace Front Bob Wig has been carefully designed to provide a posh and popular hairstyle option to women. Belonging to our Couture Style collection this wig has been crafted to give an evocative feel with the appearance of a natural-looking hair. The Straight bob wig concept gives a reminiscent look that is hard for anyone to match. The peculiar design of the wig makes the hair flow into slight curls near the shoulders, exactly replicating the fall of natural human hair. Up to 150% density gives the wig a fuller and thicker appearance. You can wear this fascinating wig to put on a modern and classy look. There are two sizes to select from - 12" and 14".

The natural build of the wig gives a comforting and pleasurable feel to your body. Free of chemical treatment and made from 100%  Human Hair makes you look wonderful. The most beautiful thing about this wig is that it is 100% hand-made and features beautiful natural curls in the ends. Wearing this wig would make it difficult for anyone to guess whether your hair is natural or you have worn a wig. 13x6 inches hand-tied build and Swiss Lace further replicates the natural-looking feel of the scalp region. The wig comes with 3 combs that can be used to comfortably secure the lightweight and comfortable wig cap. The wig has a soft-natural hair texture which makes it comfortable and breathable. It comes with a pre-plucked hairline that gives a natural look.

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