Orange Lace Front Wig | SHOWTIME


Showtime is a curly, orange lace front wig that will add a fieriness to your looks. With it being a completely natural human hair comes its softness, smoothness, and lustrousness. Because of this, you can trust Showtime as it will make you look dazzling to every eye that beholds you.

  • 100% natural and has all the perks that come with that
  • Transparent lace – this makes the hair blend seamlessly with your hairline and strengthens the illusion that the wig is your hair.
  • It has a density of 150% which is just right
  • It does not shed

What is more? It doesn’t shed and comes ‘ready to use' straight out of the box. And with the right maintenance, you can rock it for a very long time.

Wigs serve many functions: they protect our natural hair, enhance our looks, and give us the license to be flexible. With a wig, you will be able to experiment and do many things that would normally damage your hair.

Human hair wigs are the best of the bunch since they are natural. Synthetic hair wigs, made from plastic, do not measure up. Where human hair wigs feel natural, soft, silken, smooth, and lustrous, synthetic hair wigs feel like the opposite.

Lace front wigs are a type of human hair wig that has sheer lace along the front. Because of this, they blend with your natural hairline and will give the illusion that they are growing out of your head. Also, the position of the lace makes them ideal for different types of styles.

Showtime is an affordable burnt orange lace front curly wig for classy, elegant women. It is made from 100% natural hair; not a single strand is synthetic. This wig is 13” X 6” long and 150% dense. This combination ensures it doesn’t look out of place on the user’s head, as it is a good approximation of what natural hair looks like on people’s heads.

Asides from these, this orange curly wig does not shed, tangle or smell, like some natural hair wigs do. This is because, at Arison, we put our wigs through a rigorous process to ensure they are of premium quality.

Showtime wig costs just $199. Also, it is made of transparent lace and this feature allows the wig hair strands to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Because of this, it will look like it is growing out of your head. Furthermore, since it’s a lace front wig, you can style it in numerous ways – low ponytail, fishtail braid, or bun. It is one of the best wigs you should have in your possession, get yours today!

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