Platinum Blonde Deep Wave Human Hair Lace Front Wig
Back of Platinum Blonde Deep Wave Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Platinum Blonde Deep Wave Human Hair Lace Front Wig

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  • 100% Natural Hair procured from Virgin Human Hair.
  • Platinum Blonde Color gives a fantastic appearance to the wig.
  • Deep Wave curls to invigorate your hairstyle and bring forth a wonderful look.
  • Swiss Lace to provide softness and durability.
  • Made from half machine and half hand-tied technology.
  • It can be permed to slightly modify the look.
  • Multiple sizes to choose from - 18 to 26 inches.


Platinum Blonde Deep Wave Human Hair Lace Front Wig helps you to adorn a fabulous look. The deep wave pattern of the wig gives an excellent style appeal. The voluptuous waves are much deeper than body waves and make you embrace confidence and enthusiasm. It comes in Platinum Blonde Color which makes it seem gorgeous and stylish. With a long parting space, you can style the wig and split the front section of the hair. This ensures you can wear a hairstyle that perfectly fits your body and personality. Minimum short hair and no split end keeps your hair looking natural. You can choose from a wide range of lengths between 18 to 26 inches.

The wig has been made from 100% superior grade of rich Remy Indian Hair. It comes with a transparent Swiss Lace cap. This has an easy to wear design that lets you set the wig in no time. The wig has true length and weight to provide a perfect balance between style and comfort. To enhance the look, the wig offers you the option to perm the hair. Soft and tangle-free hair ensures you get a comfortable and premium experience even when worn for long periods. It has been made from the modern half machine and half hand-tied technology that makes it look exactly like your own hair. Wear this wig to give a vogue makeover to your hairstyle.

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